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Posted by Tobias Beckwith (tobias) on Mar 14 2012
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Welcome, fellow travelers on the Wizards' Path!

Who has not dreamed of having magical powers?  The wizard -- with pointed hat, wand and crystal ball, pouring over his grymoire, and creating spells that will change the course of history -- is a figure that could hardly fail to catch the imagination...and yet we are taught from a young age that, romantic as all that may sound, none of it is real. “There's no such thing as a real wizard.”

Lies! Damnable lies! Wizards are real, and you can become one.  We are here to show you the way.

So, what is a Wizard?

Wizards are unusual human beings who create and smooth the way for change.  They are individuals who have consciously sought that rare commodity we call wisdom, and then put it to work changing themselves and the world around them.  Wisdom is a special kind of knowledge that arises from experience more than from book learning.  It also comes from the ability to view things from different perspectives. Wizards accept ultimate responsibility for themselves and the world around them, to an extent that might seem strange to others.

We sincerely hope you will choose the path of the wizard. Our world is in a constant state of flux, and in need of the guidance of wise and powerful wizards. As citizens of the world, wizards can see what needs to be done, and take on the responsibility of doing it.  They are powerful individuals with the wisdom, knowledge and power to make the world a better place.

Thank you for visiting – please explore the materials and opportunities you find here.  Sign up for our newsletter, read the articles and excerpts from the book “Wizards' Ways,” and enjoy the short written and video-blog clips.  We look forward to getting to know you, so please let us know your thoughts about what you find here – and what you would like to find.

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